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Due to the pandemic, we can’t meet in person and share our Christmas Cheer. However, we have come up with a few online activities to share with our parishioners. Join us as we share our Christmas Spirit while respecting all current social distancing precautions.

Christmas Cards (starting now until 6th Jan)

– Get your children to brighten up our webpage for Christmas. Send your colourful Christmas greeting cards to and we’ll put them up for everyone to see!! (please make sure only first names are mentioned)

A Christmas Prayer – We all want the virus to go away but what special prayer will you be offering up during this celebration of Jesus’ birth? (starting now until 6th Jan)

– Share a prayer for Christmas. For yourself / your family / OLM / the world

– Share your words / a photo of your prayer or create a short video / audio (less than a minute)

– Send in your submissions to and we’ll publish it to the webpage and Facebook

A Taste of Christmas – (starting now until 10th Jan)

– Share your favourite family recipe for the season with OLM by emailing it in the following format to

– Format:




Photo (optional):

– If you like a dish or make it, don’t forget to like/comment/share a photo.

The Knit Before Christmas – (starting now until 3rd Jan)

– If you knit, sew or crochet, how about knitting, sewing or crocheting a Christmas present? A scarf, a scarf and hat, gloves or socks.

– If you knit for a kid, gift wrap the item(s) and tag it “Nazaret”

– If it’s for an adult, gift wrap the item(s) and tag it “Caritas”

– Leave the present under the Advent Wreath at the altar

— PS: If you can’t knit/sew/crochet and would prefer buying…. that’s cool too!

– If you’d like to share an image or a simple pattern with the community. Email

Christmas Cheer – 19/12/2020 – 19:30 – 21:00

– Songs, poems and stories as we sit around the Fellowship Zoom and share the joys of Christmas.

– A pub quiz to check our Christmas trivia.

– Dress Code – Festive, fun and fancy – antlers optional.

– If you’d like to participate as a family/group / individual please send an email to before the 14th of December titled “Christmas Cheer – Participant”. Let us know what you would like to perform and one of the organisers will get in touch.

– If you’d like to be in the audience and sing and dance along with us, please send us an email with the title “Christmas Cheer – Audience” before the 19th of Decemeber.

– The link to participate 

Thank you for your spirited participation in the event!

If you have other ideas, suggestions or require more information, please write to We hope that you join us and share your Christmas joy with OLM and our sister parish San Dámaso.

A Merry Christmas to one and all!